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Regarding Short Sales - Frank Duran does not take any fees from the seller to sell their home in a short sale. If sellers mortgage company does accept the short sale, Frank is paid a commission by the sellers mortgage company for his time and work. If the mortgage company does not agree to pay Frank Duran, the seller is NOT obligated to pay Frank Duran a commission. If mortgage company declines the short sale, seller is still NOT obligated to pay Frank Duran a commission.




You are not alone. There are currently thousands of people who are facing the possibility of foreclosure in the state of Colorado.  When you are facing something as stressful as the potential of losing your home, it's hard to think clearly or know what to do or
who to turn to for help.

Don't panic…You do have options! Now you can turn to one of the most trusted names in Denver real estate for help - Frank Duran.

You may have three or four choices including keeping your existing home and lowering your monthly payments. Time is of the essence, the sooner you contact us
the more options you may have.

We have over 20 years of proven experience successfully helping people avoid foreclosure!

Our short sale service is FREE to you. Call for details!


Just fill out the form on this page labeled "Free Instant Access" and we will give you a free analysis of your situation and outline your choices. There is no cost or obligation for this consult and it is totally confidential. Contact us today and start feeling better tomorrow!

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